Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newest Review -"Plan B"

"Plan B"
By Pete Wilson
Have you ever felt like you have lost total control of your life?? You have done everything the "right" way, and still things are going wrong! That is what was happening in our family, when the book, "Plan B" arrived in the mail, for me to review. It came at the most appropriate moment! Pete Wilson reaches far beyond the so called typical response to give you encouragement and hope when you feel things have gotten the best of you.
Pete refers to real life Bible stores (David, Mary, etc) and applies his theories of how to move on beyond a crisis and attain the peace for which we all search.

His first sentence got my attention, "Do you remember the day you discovered your life wasn't going to turn out quite the way you thought?" . He uses the Bible stories, his own experience and those of others to explain how to get beyond your shattered dreams and turn to Plan B- it is not all about your control, it is about accepting what God has put in front of you and dealing with it in a positive manner.
He loves us in spite of the challenges He puts in front of us.
Pete has given us hope in his writings, using Bible verses and the personal experiences.
Plan B is certainly worth the read. It gave me what I needed the day I started reading it. It is thought provoking and makes "a whole lot of sense". He provides honest hope for all of us!!

Book has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available now at your favourite bookseller.

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