Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Take Your Best Shot"- a book review

"Take Your Best Shot"
By Austin Gutwein (with Todd Hillard)
The topic of this book immediately grabs your attention- the caring attitude of a nine year old boy makes a difference throughout the world!! When Austin was at this young age, he first saw a short video of a little girl, Maggie, who lived in Zambia, with her great grandmother- all of her other relatives had died of AIDS!! This short segment, done by World Vision, a nonprofit, nondenominational agency was appealing to the public to get help for these poor young victims of a tragic disease. Although I enjoyed the book, it was well written, I felt it is meant for a young adult audience more than anyone else. Austin is a wise young man who truly made a difference with his Shooting Hoops to earn money to send to World Vision to sponser a child- being far more successful than he had hoped or dreamed. He went on in his teen years to do more for this relief agency to assist those in such great need in Zambia. It would serve a purpose as a study book for a group of young people to spur them on to show how they can make a difference. For myself, it was a slow read, pleasant however not thrilling.

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