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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Fabulous Book by Beth Wiseman

Seek Me With All Your Heart
      By Beth Wiseman

Another great book from my favorite Amish fiction author!! What a delight to read!!
This book is a first in a new series, taking places in Colorado- called A Land of Canaan Novel.
It is still in Beth's wonderful style of writing but the Amish story takes a whole new twist- by taking place in a state not considered by many to be a residence for the Amish.

The land in this area is cheaper, so many are moving in this direction, others are trying to escape memories of strict bishops.  For the main character, Emily, she and her family have moved there due to a very personal tragedy. I will not tell you more of this, as it would be a spoiler!!  Coming from Ohio, in hope of helping heal painful memories, this family encounters more challenges. Memories seem to follow Emily wherever she is.  She has to let the Lord heal these and this book, has her work her way to that purpose.

Another character, David, moves there with his family, not really understanding why they HAD to move.  He has a serious health condition that makes him fear for his future and afraid of making commitments to anyone- even to the extent of becoming close to others.All he wants to do , is return home to Paradise, PA- until he meets Emily - and then new problems arise!!
This young couple just has one difficulty after another- each with fears, but now sharing them with each other.Can they overcome their challenges to form a lasting relationship?  You will have to read to find out!!
A great book, one you can not put down until you finish it!!

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