Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Review: Captivating Characters and a Heroine with Spunk!

A Hope Undaunted
By Julie Lessman

This novel takes place in a time of changes- the 1920's.  Julie's book has the main character, Katie O'Connor who is a feisty, "new" woman.  She definitely has goals- to become a lawyer and also have a successful, perfect husband.  Her boyfriend, Jack, appears to "fit the bill"- he is handsome, wealthy and she has him completely under her thumb.
But there appear other characters in her life with whom she has grown up and been friends with that differ very much from Jack.
Julie has a great talent in describing all of her characters in great detail, with a great passion. The two other men in Katie's life cause much uncertaintity in her goals and desires. Is she really hoping for the right things in life?  With Katie's determination and spunk, she deals with many challenges.
There are too many interconnecting plots in this book to describe, without becoming spoilers.  Katie, ends up working in a place for a summer, she least desired and with the man she least wanted to be with. Luke is the bane of her childhood existance.
Will she make the right choice-follow her plans to marry Jack, the proper, well to do young man,  or will she fall for the man she swore to despise forever?  Read and find out.
This is a lengthy book, but kept me enthralled with the many plots and characters that became so real to me. An excellent read!
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