Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Novel of three best friends and their dreams !! A Book Review

In Every Heartbeat
By Kim Vogel Sawyer

This novel was most interesting and captivating.  I loved it!!
The three main characters grew up in an orphanage together and were good friends throughout their childhood  and young adulthood.  Each one had a unique background of why they ended up in an orphanage, adding suspense and questions as you read .  The current story takes place during their years at university, where they all encounter challenges, personal problems and are somewhat social misfits. 
Although they try to maintain their close friendship, others become involved in their lives, some in a positive way and some in a negative. 
Libby strives to become a journalist,  Pete- a minister and  Bennett- just wants to fit- maybe in a fraternity,anywhere where he can have fun and just belong.
When Libby makes a shocking discovery of Pete's family, the choice is apparent- will it draw a wedge between them or bring them closer together?? It has the ability to bond them in a way never anticipated, but, will they make the correct choice??

The author keeps you involved throughout the book, involving each of the three characters- in their own personal lives and in their intertwining connections.  Well done!!Sorry when it was over!!
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