Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beth Wiseman's Newest Hit, About to be Released!!

"His Love Endures Forever"              Product Details

Book 3 of Beth's Series, 
"A Land of Canaan  Novel"


Characters that we know well from Books One and Two appear again, but the focus this time, is on Danielle, a young girl we met previously, who is definitely NOT Amish.  She makes one BIG mistake, or so it seems- she falls in love with an Amish young man.  Then comes the shocker!!! Danielle discovers that she is pregnant. Of course, she is devastated, as any young single girl would be! But she is hoping that the father, Matthew Lapp will do the right thing and not leave her as a single mom. Danielle convinces herself that he will marry her. She is aware that Matthew has made plans to leave the Amish faith and his home in  Colorado , but in her innocence, believes he will fullfill his duties as the father of her baby.

The plot then thickens as Matthew walks away from the whole situation. His plans are the only important ones to him and he is not going to change them for anyone or any situation. Danielle is totally alone., feeling she has no one to turn to for help. She does have a young Amish man who is a good friend, who is extremely faithful to the Amish community. Levi offers her comfort as a friend but they really have nothing in common- She doesn't want to be pregnant, doesn't want to be Amish , and doesn't want to trust God.

What can she do? Where can she go? God has plans but will Danielle follow them? He has "loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never goes away but endures forever" (excerpt from back cover of book).

My Opinion and Thoughts of this book:
When one opens one of Beth's books, it seems that you are entering another world- one in which you become very much a part !  You "live" her story, NOT just become the observer, when reading it. Each character has their own quirky characteristics that make them so special . Upon meeting each one, it is like biting into a chocolate, not knowing what you will find inside!! The outer image that you first imagine seeing, is not always what you find in the inner person.  Beth's special talent of making these characters so real and part of you is what keeps you reading long hours into the night. Each one has hurts, joys, disappointments , successes and yes, sometimes you emit a loud giggle or two when particular characters appear on the scene. A bit of humor here and there is what catches you offguard. Her characters connect , transform and redeem, right before your eyes.

The plot has twists and turns, with  surprises around every corner. Do not plan on starting to read this book , then put it down to get dinner or go to bed! IT WON'T HAPPEN!!  The many characters involved in Danielle's life have problems of their own and all have answers for her, they believe. The many feelings that each one goes through are felt by the reader intensely. You just NEVER know what each person is going to go through next or the situation that will arise. Your emotions are up and down and running wild!!

Beth tackles difficult subjects with such understanding and grace. The healing aspect is apparent in all of her novels, but this one, in particular shows how you only receive that healing grace through being vulnerable and honest before God. She shows that redemption is possible when life becomes hopeless. A message clearly shows through - God can DO the IMPOSSIBLE!!

 About Beth:         
    Beth's previous releases have held spots on the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) and the ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) bestseller lists. In 2010, she received the INSPY Award for Amish Fiction (chosen by blog reviewers). In 2011, she received the Carol Award and was the Inspirational Readers Choice winner for her book Plain Paradise. Her novel Seek Me with All Your Heart was the 2011 Women of Faith Book of the Year. In addition, Wiseman has been a Retailers Choice Finalist, a Booksellers Best Finalist and a National Readers Choice Finalist. Prior to becoming a novelist she received many honors for her work as a journalist, including a prestigious First Place News Writing Award from the Texas Press Association.
Today, she and her husband are empty nest parents of two grown sons, enjoying the country lifestyle and living happily with two dogs, two cats, two pot-bellied pigs, two chickens and a single pygmy goat in a small community in South Central Texas. When Beth isn’t writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and watching good movies. Her favorite pastimes, however, are painting (her paintings can be veiwed on her Fans of Beth Wiseman Facebook page) and spending time with friends and family.       
To learn more about Beth go to bethwiseman.com .                                               

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  1. This definitely sounds like a book too good to pass up . I will add to my wish list and hopefully I can buy it when it comes out .