Monday, September 3, 2012

"Three Sweet Stories to Nourish Your Soul" (Taken from book cover)

Product Details"An Amish Kitchen"
A fabulous book by Beth Wiseman, Kelly Long and                       Amy Clipston  

What more could you ask for ??? Three fantabulous ( that isn't a word, but I couldn't think of a better one!) Amish writers collaborate to write another novella!! This is a VERY special book that includes a huge collection of Amish recipes at the end- from Herbal Medicinal Treatments to delicious treats and main dishes. These recipes have all been tested and are fantastic!!
Fits with the title , doesn't it??? 

BUT, not only do you have a wonderful mini recipe book, you have three short stories that each has its own story of love, family and faith, taking place in a tight knit community. In the Amish home, where do you think the family gathers and chats ? The kitchen really is the heart of the home.

All of the stories have a connection and take place in Paradise , PA. They involve three women who strive to find love and renewed hope, while dealing with life's daily challenges and often surprise events.
Kelly's story, "A Taste of Faith",  begins the book, with the main character, Fern, who is known for her talent for growing healing herbs and flowers. The community seeks her out when they have an ill family member. She is indeed a success in this area, however, her greatest wish is for love to come her way. Through crises galore, Fern discovers there is a hope, until , suddenly, an incident threatens to  end the attraction, even before it gets a steady start. Kelly's female characters exhibit such warmth and loving natures.  You really want them for your best friend!! Confronted with an upset, they have the same feelings as you and I- they need encouragement and the love of God to carry them through. Fern needs this badly, but is so busy serving others, will she be able to listen to that still voice and  follow God's plan?

The next part of the book, entitled, "A Spoonful of Love" is written  by Amy Clipston.  Her main character , Hannah, lives nearby in Paradise, running her parents' Bed and Breakfast, Paradise Inn.  She has something in common with Fern. She longs for a loving relationship , looking for a future filled with happiness with a husband and children.  Surprisingly, a knock on the door brings about the possibility that she has dreamed of. A young man is hunting for a room. However, there is an air of mystery about him. Is Stephen, this kind, handsome  man hiding something? The complications , totally unexpected, then arise. This wonderful man who has been renting a room, then becoming an employee does have a mysterious past.Can she trust someone who has kept a secret from her? Will she still want to be part of his life?  Amy keeps us guessing throughout the story. Her talent in plot development is so clear when the reader encounters twists and turns, totally unexpected. Hannah is such a dear girl who deserves only the best and Amy describes her to a T!! You just want to reach out and give her a big hug. 
Again, as in Kelly's story, God has a plan, but does Hannah want to follow it?

The third story , by Beth Wiseman, is entitled "A Recipe for Hope" and that is truly what it is.  We ALL have to have hope in our lives to be happy, and Beth reinforces this.  The main character, Eve, her husband and three teenage boys are experiencing a challenge in their family life. During a storm, a tree has come down on their home and they must vacate it while it is being repaired. For three boys going through rumschpringe, this is indeed a tragedy, especially when told they must stay at their grandmother's. Eve and her Mam had never seen eye to  eye, so the time could not possibly go quickly enough.

What Eve is unaware of, is that her Mam has a health problem that she is attempting to keep secret, for reasons , that are important only to her.  When Eve moves in, it will be difficult to keep these problems a secret.  
It is apparent to the family  upon their move, that Mam has changed- moreso than anyone was aware. Eve's challenge then changes , not to get along with Mam but to help her in some way, even though help is not desired.
Beth , as usual, makes this characters real and alive  in our souls. We feel their struggles, battles and successes. My greatest desire was to step into that story and help Eve- THEN , I had to stop and realize- this is a book, these people are imaginary, not real!! Will  Rosemary (Mam) get the help she needs??
The plot is complicated and full of suspense and surprises . At times, you hold your breath, waiting for the next  event, wondering what on earth could possibly happen next.  It is a story filled with hope- God has a plan and we have to accept it and then deal with what He has decided to bestow on us, whether it be good or bad. Beth's title tells it all, "A Recipe for Hope" is just that. We can never give up hope and must mix the proper ingredients given to us by God to maintain that hope! 

Well done, ladies!! Another 5 star book!! Loved it and highly recommend it.
The MANY recipes in the back of the book is just the "icing on the cake".


  1. So excited to read this book! Fantastic review, Karla:)

  2. Sounds like a very great book to read. Loved the review. Leaves you wanting to find out the ending of each story.
    Juanita Cook

  3. Great job Karla. This book I can tell will be a special one. Blessings!