Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Book of Three Amish Novellas that are guaranteed to touch your heart!

"An Amish Miracle"

Three Amish Novellas

By Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reed and
           Mary Ellis

"Always in My Heart"
    By Mary Ellis

Mary Ellis deals with a topic that is well known in society today-  an unwed mother who gives up the babe.   She does this in a most sensitive, positive manner, dealing with all the deep feelings that are present before and after the fact. Hope Bowman truly believes that God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son many years ago. She was a teen mom , and on top of that , was Amish!  She has hidden this fact from her husband , in fear of his response, if this fact came out in the open. She has struggled with this secret, as she has given birth to daughters, but her husband greatly desires a son! Hope prays and prays, seemingly to no avail to become pregnant and fulfill his wishes. The son God sends her isn't through a new  pregnancy! God's answer is evident is apparent in the appearance of the fifteen year old boy she gave away years ago.

"Always, His Providence"
       By Ruth Reid

Rosa Hostetler, the main character, is a widow, who encounters a roadblock in her path to become independent.  She must pay her delinquent taxes in one month or she will lose her farm to a county public auction. Her determination to save her home is shown by her willingness to sell whatever is necessary to pay the lien, BUT she will NO request money from the community's widow fund to help her. A proud woman, Rosa is too embarrassed and refuses to admit that she needs help. Her source of income is selling eggs, but before long, that livelihood is threatened. Only a miracle can help Rosa! Will she allow a kind neighbor into her heart enough to let him help her??

"Always Beautiful"
By Beth Wiseman

The third novella in this book deals with another "touchy" subject. Becky Beiler, an eighteen year old is overweight and terribly embarrassed . She is overwhelmed when comparing her looks to other girls her age. Now, this becomes a complication, because to admit this would be pride in oneself, and the Amish frown upon this. The Lord made you and why would He have made a mistake?? At one point, Becky is so  desperate, that she considers taking her own life-definitely against her beliefs. As she stands beside the water,unable to swim,  where she plans to end her pain, she begs God for a miracle to take place. In a few months, Becky sees the prayer answered, as food and temptation lose their hold over her. At long last, she is pleased with how she looks, however, is not sure that she likes the person that she has become. The man who has loved her all along has been there all the time but has Becky seen him and recognized his devotion??? Will God be able to change Becky's desires and soften her heart??

This book of Amish novellas is the BEST that I have ever read. Each author deals with sensitive subjects that we don't often see addressed in Amish fiction. It certainly recognizes the fact that the Amish individuals have the same very real problems that we have. The way they approach them, is what is addressed in each novella. Life becomes complicated and a true trust  and faith in God is needed for each main character to win the battle placed before them. This is done in a creative, yet realistic fashion, that appeals to our deep emotions and makes the characters live within us, if only for a short time. 

These three authors have managed to connect the characters in each of the novellas in a unique way. What talent , we see, exhibited in these stories!!

All I can say is WOW!!! I was so impressed!! LOVED all three of these short stories. Eagerly waiting for more!!

Definitely, put this book on your to read list! A five star book.

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