Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An Emotion Filled True Story of a Mother's Fight to Live!

"The Long Awakening"                      
  By Lindsey O'Connor

In this day and age, having a baby should be easy , with complications rarely happening, right???  Well, in the case of LIndsey, this became a tragic moment. The joy of a new infant was overcome by a mother's life-threatening coma!! Would she have a miraculous recovery and awakening or was it time to leave this world to go to the arms of her Lord??

Lindsey tells her story of her unexpected pregnancy and the tragic situation that develops immediately after the birth of a healthy baby girl. Her day started with all the happiness and excitement that a new baby brings, however ended with running, panic , blood and tears. The baby thrives, Lindsey exists!! In a deep unknown world of nothingness. She goes into a coma, from which few think she will ever recover. This tragedy is described in detail, keeping you glued to the page, wanting to know what Lindsey's future will be, if indeed, there is a future for her on this earth. 

Meanwhile , there is a newborn , healthy, and needing to be loved. Without her mother's care and love, will she thrive??  Lindsey's elder daughter takes over, giving up her dreams of college, for the moment, to care for this tiny sister. The depth of a sister's love is described in such detail that you become part of her challenges, joys and discouragement. She continues to grow in the Lord, as she fills her mother's shoes, in nurturing this new little one. 
The present is a nightmare situation for the family. Although Lindsey's husband never gives up, she relates his worries, fears and heartache in a depth that you can feel in your inner most being.

Forty seven days later, Lindsey first shows signs of regaining her consciousness. The first thing she sees is her husband's face leaning over her.Lindsey's road to recovery is long and at times wearisome and discouraging. With her family, she fights to relearn how to return to her family , as a mom. It is a VERY long journey and she describes it in depth. 

Although I generally prefer not to read books written in the first person, this story grabbed me from the very first page. I could feel the pain, heartache, and tragedies. It is a spectacular work of recalling and recovering, told in a sincere and meaningful way. The times of weeping and fear experienced by this Christian family touched me deeply. What a mother will do to return to her family, although hard physically and emotionally, is simply amazing and shows us the power of God,  who has much to do in His plan for them. 

Definitely a book to leave you reflecting on the value of life and how God is at work , even in the toughest situations.

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