Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book 6 of the Daughters of the Promise Series by Beth Wiseman is a HIT!!

"Plain Peace"                    

By Beth Wiseman

I know that when I pick up a new book by popular writer, Beth Wiseman, that I will not be disappointed!! Her Amish, as well as her contemporary novels, are always heartwarming, touching  me in a special way.

 "Plain Peace" is Book Six in her Daughters of the Promise series. Her fans, including myself, have all been waiting for this story, thinking it may be the last in this series. BUT.... is it?? When asked, Beth replied, "It might be!"  Upon reading the ARC , I found that  this story seemed to tie up loose ends and left me feeling satisfied! Although we fans, always want more, this book does leave us happy, but YES Beth, we could always read another!!! LOL

Anna Byler, the main character, is of the age when she should be enjoying her Rumspringa ( running around period), however, although it is allowed by the faith, her strict grandfather (the bishop)  will not allow it. He seems to be lacking in compassion and care, enforcing this rule with a firm hand. I pictured him as an elderly man who smiled little, however, was faithful to his Amish faith and lifestyle. This opinion does change , but first impressions are what are set in my mind. Anna is VERY worried of how she will ever find a suitor who will face up to her grandfather, so that she can have a normal courtship. Due to his oppressive watch, Anna feels herself losing her faith. She is forced to deceive her Daadi , in order to pursue her dream of marriage and a family.

Jacob Hostetler and his family arrive on the scene, having relocated to Lancaster County, due to a family tragedy that had taken place in Ohio. They are all struggling to rebuild their lives, while Jacob is forced to take the role of the head of the household. His Daad is not coping well with his grief , thus leaving the others to fend for themselves. Jacob cannot remember his days of happiness. They seem so far in his past. But, joy does meet him head on, in the form of Anna  Byler. BUT will Anna's grandfather ever accept him and approve a relationship???  Will Jacob be brave enough to face him and the consequences of pursuing his beautiful granddaughter?? Is there a happy future for him?? For Anna??

Bishop Byler is so rigid in his opinions and enforcements of his beliefs of the Old Order Amish , that Anna wonders if she can ever have a life of her own!  Is he even capable of thinking of allowing her some freedom?? How will this affect her behavior and that of Jacob??  How will the Amish community respond to events caused by his strict rules??

Beth manages, as always,  to write with great compassion and deep understanding of the Amish lifestyle, their challenges, problems, and decisions. The characters are real people with real problems. These individuals have the same problems as you and I, however don't always seek the same road  as we would,  to solve them. Beth's faith shines through these characters. Each has a unique personality that makes them become a  lovable friend. Her talent of appealing to your empathy and faith is outstanding. You reach into your inner being , in deep thought, long after the story has been read.

The main plot is full of unexpected twists and turns. We are brought into the Amish world with its unique complications. Just when you have lost hope, redemption comes to the surface. Beth tackles difficult subjects with compassion and grace. The message comes through this book loud and clear! God can redeem anyone, even the most unredeemable. The hardest heart can become filled with His grace and we ALL are capable of making the right choice. Listening and heeding God's advice can change the individual, the community , .... and why not the world?

A FIVE star book!! Releases on Nov. 12, 2013! Don't miss it.

Book was supplied by the author.

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