Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Short Story, by Vannetta Chapman! FREE!!!

"Christmas at Pebble Creek"
   By Vannetta Chapman

Don't miss out on reading this free short story. Free on Amazon for your e reader!

Fans are introduced to the same Amish  community that is the setting of the three full novels, written by Vannetta, "Promise for Miriam", " A Home for Lydia", and "A Wedding for Julia". The only complain that I had about this book , was that it was TOO short!! LOL!! I wanted to keep reading and reading and.......
This free ebook also includes some excellent recipes of Amish chicken and dumplings, green beans , as well as fresh bread. So not only a story, but a recipe book!!

Grace Miller, the main character , is a young Amish school teacher , who is about to close the schoolhouse for Christmas break, when a snowstorm strikes, and the cold winds blow through this Wisconsin community. She is so looking forward to helping her family prepare for this special season and celebration. Her excitement is certainly felt by the reader , as well as her dismay when her well thought out plans go awry!  
Grace has such talent as a young artist of the snowy landscape and plans to  give her fiance, Adam , a very special Christmas gift, a handmade crocheted blanket.Everything seems to be fitting together to have a well planned event. 

Then, comes the shocker! Grief suddenly appears along with the celebration. The future becomes uncertain. Grace has to learn to accept the fact that God is in control, not man! He supplies our every need, and knows what they are, long before we even suspect them.

A great book!!! JUST WAY TOO SHORT!! 

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