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Monday, October 20, 2014

Debora Coty Writes Another Winning Self Help Book for Women!

About the book: In Too Loved to Be Lost (Barbour Books, October 2014), you'll find simple, practical steps for healing, refreshment, and revitalization of spirit, body, and faith. Whether you're struggling with issues related to trust, depression, patience, relationships, hurts, or hopes. . .this humor-filled volume will deliver a much-needed smile and equip you with simple-to-implement tips for attaining the kind of guidance and belonging you crave---the kind that can only be found in the unconditional love of Papa God.

  "Too Loved To Be Stressed"' by Debora Coty, is another invaluable resource.for ALL women. No one can express the ways to help oneself as well as this talented author, in her own unique, humorous style, while still getting right to the point of problems and how we can successfully deal with them. The way the world views females is NOT the way God looks at us. Debora makes this very clear. Our success is too often dependent on looks, behavior and talents! This only leads us to fear that we will never be accepted by others. We may even attempt to outdo others and as a result , think of our God as one who judges unfairly, is ruthless and stern, when this is not even close to the truth!!  At some times in life, all of us have felt lost in our journey, some of us more than others. Hopelessness overcomes and it is felt that the battle is lost. This is not what Papa God, as Debora refers to our loving Father, desires or ever has in His plans for us.

Debora gives us easy, practical things to do in our daily lives to improve and enhance our lives. I love the simple follow up to each chapter. After giving us much food for thought , as well as realistic situations, along with a few giggles, we come to the section entitled, "Following My Personal GPS (God Powered Satellite)". Here, we are given questions regarding our own lives to think about, as well as references to Debora's personal experiences, and how we can use the contents of the chapter to improve our self worth, thereby making us happier and more content.. I particularly loved the section of Chapter 4, "Topping Off My Tank", in which we are given a list of Life Savers, easy but meaningful scriptures to memorize, one per month to help you gain power to replace your "old wimpy self"!!

Debora's books are at the top of my list in Useful but Simple self help books!! The humor with which she views life is admirable and her ability to get the point across with a laugh and biblical proof is of use to any woman, young or older. I finished the book thinking that I, too, could find simple practical ways to release my own personal struggles . You can only find this through the kind of  guidance and belonging that only found in the unconditional love of Papa God.

Definitely a five star book!! Don't miss this book. It can and will change your life.

About the author: Debora M. Coty is a popular speaker, columnist, lifelong Bible student, internationally published freelance writer, and award-winning author of numerous books, including Too Blessed to Be Stressed, and More Beauty, Less Beast. She's also an orthopedic occupational therapist, writing instructor, and tennis addict. Mother of two grown children, Debora lives and loves in central Florida with her husband, Chuck, and desperately wicked pooch, Fenway.

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