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Friday, October 31, 2014

Sarah Price Writes Another Winning Novel in the Amish Fiction Genre

"An Amish Buggy Ride"
     By Sarah Price
I have enjoyed all of the books written by this author, so fully expected to love this one as well. What I did NOT expect, was to think that it was the BEST yet!! I knew that Sarah is a talented gal who writes from the heart, but this book is one that has a message that stayed with me long after I  had finished reading it! 
The main character, Kate Zook, is a quiet Amish young woman who is always responsible and prides herself on fulfilling her role in being a "good daughter".  However, on one horrible snowy night, Kate does the unthinkable, she speaks her mind and appears to play a part in an earth shattering accident. 
Kate is left feeling extremely guilty for her role in the accident that left her brother injured, thus takes it upon herself to devote herself to his care. She  even takes over his chores in her father's fields. Her brother, David, deeply resents Kate and continually torments her and makes her feel inferior to all others. She becomes isolated, lonely and fearful.
Kate gets very little support from anyone in her home, however, her situation becomes apparent to Samuel, a local young man who has recently ended his wild years, rumschpringe. He has once again  returned to the fold and is totally intrigued by Kate's gentle, loyal ways to her cruel brother. Romance grows, as does tension. Kate so desires happiness, but David's rage becomes worse and worse. In order for her to ever develop a loving relationship, she must first forgive herself and accept the forgiveness of the Lord. The question is, will David  damage her life forever or can Kate , with God's help, eventually feel the love and forgiveness that God offers so freely to all?
This book has a very clear message. It is a story of mistakes, choices and forgiveness. In order for us to ever live a happy life, content in our Christian path, we must let God take over and have total control. God will forgive us, but can we forgive ourselves???? You must seek before you will find!!
The characters were realistic and well developed. I felt Kate's pain, as well as her frustrations, fears and confusion. She was easy to identify with, and quickly became a good friend who I wished I could hug and help make the hurts go away. I must say, the description of David was so real to life, that I felt my anger grow, on behalf of his sister!!  He made me so frustrated!!! I had to bring myself back to reality to calm down. He was a make believe character, however, I tended to forget that!!! Sarah did a fantastic job making thischaracters so true to life. 

The plot moves quickly with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of the chair. The unexpected was just around every corner. Sarah has done a superior job at describing events and reactions to them that would be typical in an Amish community. I felt that I was living along side this calm farm, filled with turmoil at each new challenge. 

This book is a great read for all Amish genre lovers and for those of you who have not been attracted to this type of book, try it. Sarah writes "out of the box" . Not a typical Amish tale!! That is what makes a great book!!

This ebook was supplied by the author for review purposes.

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  1. Great review and An Amish Buggy Ride is a wonderful book!


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