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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Revelations of a Rock Princess

              "The Reason"
              By Lacey Sturn

Lacey is a young lady who tells her own story in this book that seems to both a memoir and a devotional. She tells her life story in a stirring manner that tugs at our heartstrings throughout. While doing this, Lacey also gives us ways to avoid as well as deal with some of her extreme challenges , some that can change one's life forever.

Lacey tells the story of her life in a wise and powerful manner. She is honest and open about ALL, the good, the bad and the very ugly!!! The story begins with Lacey planning to kill herself, the last day of her old life. As an Atheist, who hated all Christians, she only thought of church as a place where hypocrites got together. These individuals to her, were all fakers and simpletons. On this particular day, Lacey had a screaming match with her grandmother, ending up in in the back of a sanctuary, hating everyone!!!  But what occurred in that room at that time is "The Reason" that she is still alive today.

In her book, this hard rock princess tells her powerful, heartwrenching story of physical abuse, depression, struggles with suicidal thoughts ..... BUT it all ends with her salvation!! What an answer to life's problems!!! Throughout the book, Lacey encounters difficult questions: Why am I here, Why am I empty? What good is life???  Each of has a purpose in life, but do we let God take over and show us what it is?? Not all of us come from the life that Lacey had to contend with, however, what we can take away from this book, is the way in which, when you reach the bottom, the worst of the worst, there IS a person who can lift us up and heal our hurts. Lacey went from desperation to redemption, but only because God made it possible. She shows us how to "give up" our troubles and listen to the only one who can save us!

When I first opened this book, I thought to myself, "Oh this doesn't apply to me. I have never experienced anything even similar to Lacy. However, I was wrong,  BIG TIME! Even though my trials are different and seem insignificant in comparison, I can take away a lot from this book. How I look at myself and others is a way that the Lord can use  me. We can't look at others and see only self evident appearances , but must see them through kindness and God's love. What is in our innermost soul is what is important. The hurts and depression are so often overlooked, as we are too busy  being presumpuous. We need to exhibit the love that the Lord puts in us, helping others, and at the same time finding a deep inner peace ourselves.

 Lacey, the former rock princess, planning suicide, has allowed God to guide her life. She now is a speaker for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its Rock the River events. What a life change this young lady has experienced! She tells her story well, while giving you the inspiration to do what you can to change others' lives as well as your own.

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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