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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fantastic New Book!! A Definite Cliff Hanger!


By Vannetta Chapman

As I am a dedicated fan of Vannetta's , I was surprised to learn that she had written a book that varied from her usual chosen genre, Amish mysteries! I have enjoyed all of her books and wondered  what feelings this new  book would stir within me! Actually.... I started to read, with a bit of reluctance, worrying if I would love this book, as I have her others. By the time I had read two chapters, I knew, without a doubt, that this book was a true winner!!  So different, yes, BUT oh so engrossing! 

The novel includes a lovely romance between a very intense, complicated young woman and a big hearted male. The plot is wound around the whole theme of rediscovering faith. Dana Jacobs is supervisor in charge of the Dept. of Homeland Security inTaos, New Mexico. Benjamin Marshall is  newly assigned to Dana's office. He has come from a military career, certainly far from Dana's wishes. 

Ben is a deep believer of the Christian faith and truly believes that he was put in this time and place for a reason. When a local school is threatened, a case is opened which begins a chase through the Enchanted Circle and Carson National Forest, following a man whose bitterness is clearly understood by Dana. She has a justified feeling of anger against him, however it remains hidden deep inside her, eating away internally , so that it doesn't affect others. 

The plot is well developed and mind boggling , as Dana struggles to forgive, as well as to be forgiven. The message is very clear, God will and DOES forgive us regardless of the past. There are twists and turns that keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. You just never know what you will encounter around the next corner. Just when I thought I had figured out the mystery, the whole plot changed. I sat in wonder! I could NOT put this book down!! Proof that it was a riveting story!!  I managed to read this book in two sittings, even while on vacation! 

The characters are well developed and keep you wondering what their thoughts are. that cause them to react in the way that they do. Hidden is a fitting title, as you attempt to get into their heads to understand their complex natures. What and why are their lives such a secret??  This kept my mind in high gear !!

A GREAT read!! Well done, Vannetta!! Now , I can hardly wait for Book Two of the "Jacobs Family Series!!

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