Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jerry Eicher's Christmas Book is a thought provoking, easy to read story!!

"Susanna's Christmas Wish"
                  By Jerry Eicher

Jerry's Christmas novels are always a joy to read and this new one is no exception.  The theme throughout the book is, "Do Christmas wishes still come true?"  And you can easily guess the answer!!! This book was a light, easy to read book, filled with the joy of the season. However, it cannot be without the challenges and problems of the Amish families and community. Life is full of those, regardless of where and how we live and Jerry brings them to life in his Christmas novel.  
The main character, Susanna, has married Herman who is strict and firm to his family Amish upbringing. Susanna  is a sweet young lady, who we immediately , to whom we immediately become attached. I felt , many times throughout the story , that I wanted to reach out and give her a hug. She cherishes family traditions of Christmas, as I do, however Herman has no use for the family get togethers that has always been an important part of Susanna's celebration. Must she follow the godly ways of her faith and obey her husband, in spite of her unhappiness?
Meanwhile, who should appear on the scene but an old flame, Matthew. He is an interesting character who is extremely well described. He had left the Amish life to go Englisha, Now, his confessions about his past threaten Susanna and Herman's hope for a successful and happy marriage. Herman begins to question himself and wonders if his love is good enough for his lovely bride. Is he worthy of her ???? 
  The Christmas season is one in which we all feel the love of God and Jerry expresses this throughout his book.  Will Susanna and Herman settle their differences and make a Christmas wish come true??
The plot of the story is one which is simple but compelling and one which makes one think of the meaning of the season. We are one with the Amish in this book. We all have traditions and wishes , but often must compromise with a spouse to make each other happy.
Thank you , Jerry , for this meaningful story . Another five star book!!!

This book was supplied by Harvest House and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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