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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jerry Eicher's Two Newest Books are NO Disappointment!

"Where Love Grows"
              By Jerry Eicher

This novel is Book 3 in the Fields of Home Series. What a marvellous continuation of the story and further development of all our favorite characters who were present in the earlier books.  Susan, the so called rebel has come home to her small Amish community. I found myself admiring her courage in returning- as she had done the frowned upon- getting GED requirements, a driver's license and even dating an Englisha man!!  She became my hero, as she goes back to her former lifestyle, with her head held high, although at times, very frightened of letting her family know of all she did in her "other" life. On top of all the other problems of returning, she goes back, with a friend Teresa in tow, with her young son. Teresa's quest to belong to the Amish is to be admired. This book begins with the marriage of Teresa to a young Amish man , James.

Thus, the story expands, with a new family entering the Amish community. Teresa has truly worked diligently to fit the character of a good Amish girl. She and Susan , again meet many challenges. Susan decides to give her old boy friend, Thomas , another chance, but here , the complications begin. Her Dat's new hired hand has shown an interest in her, as well. Who is God's life partner for her and how will He show her his plan for her life??  I had such sympathy for her, that at times I felt she was part of my family. I felt her confusion, her heartaches, as well as her joy.  Jerry has described his characters so well that you have them as friends/family forever!!
Susan , at one point, considered going back to the Englisha world, just to escape the decision making that she had to do. It would be easier to forget the romance!!

Jerry continues to give us great insight into the Amish lifestyle and way of life. Since he comes from that background , it is accurate and his books are filled with details and facts that ordinarily may  not discover.
Another five star book!! Eagerly awaiting the next one!!

This book was provided by Harvest House and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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