Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review of a New Legal Thriller!

"The Deposit Slip"
By Todd M. Johnson

I must admit that this genre does not always appeal to me, so it needs to be a very special book to grab my attention. Todd does this very capably on page one of his book!! I opened the book, expecting a somewhat lengthy introduction - there was NONE!! This story just jumps out and attacks you from the very first page!! Erin, the main character , is seated in a vault of a bank and the description of the surroundings alone, makes you want to continue to read. Todd describes the smells, the sensations she feels, the looks, with such precision, you feel as if you are there with her. Erin's feelings are expressed in such a way that you feel for her and want to get to know her better. What a fantastic beginning to this novel!!

Immediately after her father's death, Erin discovers a slim piece of paper in a safety deposit box- with an absolutely unbelievable amount of amount on it.  She IS rich, however, and it is a BIG however, the bank claims to have no record of this money. Erin hires lawyers and gets no results, until she meets Jared Neaton. He is on the brink of losing his own tiny firm , after leaving a prestigious one , due to a problem with questionable ethics . Will he , of all people, be able to discover the mystery of the missing money? Is the case worth the risk ? As he becomes more involved with Erin and her case, digging deeper becomes dangerous. There are threats to both he and Erin. How far will they go to and pay to discover the truth?

This book is a page turner from beginning to end. There are constantly new twists thrown in , new mysteries, dangers that are totally unexpected.  The depth of the content is not to be outdone. Todd has done his research well on investments and banking systems. 
The characters are realistic with problems that surpass what you expect. How they handle them is the interesting part!

A five star book!! Great mystery, great legal thriller!!

This book was supplied by Bethany House  in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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