Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Winner from author Terri Blackstock

      "Downfall"Product Details
By Terri Blackstock

When I want to read a well-written Christian mystery/thriller, I always go to see what recent books, Terri has published. I, then know, that I will not be disappointed with the content of the book. Her books are ALWAYS  cliff hangers, with meaningful messages. The characters are realistic, well described , and the families encounter the same kind of problems that anyone could have- BUT hopefully do not!!  "Downfall" was no exception!!! I loved this book. It was full of tense situations, nightmares that none of us want to have- BUT you certainly feel you are there with this family as they deal with drug problems, threats , as well as a mother's distrust of her daughter.  Terri does a fantastic job of describing a family situation in which the members are all hurting in one way or another- and you FEEL these . You just want to put your arms around the characters and say, "It WILL be okay!"  
Terri deals with the difficult subject of drug abuse, which is so common in today's society.   Trying to save loved ones is so heartbreaking.  The main character, Emily, is a recovered drug addict, however, things occur that make her mother suspect that she is using again.  Emily is extremely hurt that her mom would exhibit such distrust in her, as she really is not! She is being put in  circumstances that make her look suspicious and even spends time in jail, although innocent. A mystery surrounds her. Who and why does someone want Emily to look guilty of things such as drug abuse and worse, much worse? Emily's brother , Lance, also suffers, while trying to help a friend. This book is one in which  drug abuse and intervention appear, but Terri shows how God can heal and repair the brokenhearted.
This last book of the Intervention series gives families hope . God can fix these problems, if allowed.
I loved the thought provoking theme and the continuous action in this book. 
Thank you , Terri, for dealing with this difficult subject in a sensitive, helpful way. AND you did it with your creative writing skills involving such mystery.
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