Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another winner from Shelley Shepherd Gray

"Missing"Product Details
By Shelley Shepherd Gray

Shelley Shepherd Gray has again written a winning book. Her series entitled "Crittenden County" is going to be made up of thought provoking books. You can tell by "Missing"
Shelley deals with the idea of change in this novel. There is a decision made and then it causes a ripple effect- within a family and a community.  This community feels great guilt for not worrying more about a young man when he went missing. They wonder if his death could have been avoided. So many issues are dealt with in this book. The main character , Lydia, discovers she was adopted, but this is not made known to her until she is an adult. How does that affect one's life? How can they adapt?God provides a helpmate for her, Walker , who seems to always be there in her times of need- and there are MANY!!
I loved Shelley's Amish saying at the end of the book, "It is better to make new mistakes than to repeat old ones"!! Very meaningful after reading this book.
My only problem with this book, was------ I did not want it to end. It did not come to a conclusion, satisfactory to me. Well, I guess , I just have to read book 2 in the series, The Search, which comes out in June.
You left me hanging, Shelley!!! A great book with great characters!! Can hardly wait for the next one.

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  1. I am a huge fan of Shelley's!! I am eagerly waiting for my review copy to show up:)


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