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An Engaging Story by Inspirational Speaker and Author

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                           "Blue Moon Bay"
             By Lisa Wingate

Lisa has continued to write in her creative style, with a depth and certainly great joy and wit.  Her skill in describing her characters do not differ in this novel. She again is successful in enabling you to identify with the variety of characters in her story. And they are very different from one another!! But you feel the pain, challenges and success and yes, eventually joy  of each one of them.  
The plot of this book intrigued me from the first chapter. The main character, Heather is a professional, successful architect , yet the book begins in her not so pleasant past memories.  I had no idea where this was leading. Lisa continues this trend throughout the book. I would just think I had figured out the whole theme and story and then another twist would occur in the plot.  It did take me a while to completely understand where this story  was heading.  But I enjoyed every moment of my confusion. LOL

Heather, the Seattle architect makes a trip back home to the tiny town of Moses Lake, Texas. This is certainly not in the plans for her future success, however ,  it is  much needed - a promotion depends on the sale of the family farmland.  Heather has nightmares of this place and has never wanted to return but is determined to go, then return to Seattle , with the signed contract in her hand- the VERY next day. Does it every go that easily?? Not for Heather!  
Heather meets totally unexpected , underlying currents going on in her old home and with her entire family. She has not been close to her mother for years but now very strange things are going on. She can not figure out what- and neither could I!! I was completely mystified.   Her family is steeped in deep secrets of which she has had not knowledge. There seems to be some very illegal matters taking place , involving the town banker.  Heather has to decide - are her family and friends crooks or crusaders??  Her extended visit is necessary in order for her to discover the truth- before she loses everything she has ever worked for .  
It is truly a complicated theme and keeps you thinking throughout the book.  What is really going on?? So MANY secrets and hidden meanings!!

A fantastic book, Lisa!! You have done it again!! Congratulations on a book well done!

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