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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Author to Amish Fiction! Don't miss this one!!

"Leaving Lancaster"Product Details
     By Kate Lloyd
I am always curious when new authors appear, writing my favorite genre, Amish fiction.  Kate Lloyd became a Facebook friend before I even knew that she was a writer!! We discussed the Lancaster , PA area , places to go, things to see, etc. Then, low and behold, I discover that she is preparing to  publish a book, entitled, "Leaving Lancaster" !! Surprise!!

This is Kate's second book to hit the market, the first being, "A Portrait of Marguerite".  Kate has done her research well. Her facts and information about the Amish are accurate and sensitive to their feelings.

Synopsis of book:
The main character, Holly Fisher, is in her thirties and longs for a family.  She has grown up in Seattle without a dad, or extended family and her greatest longing is to belong- have a sense of a heritage. Suddenly, her mother, Esther, reveals what has been kept secret for many years. Holly does have a grandmother  and uncles who are alive and have a great desire to meet her. They are begging Esther to return to her home- BUT here comes the great shock- it is in Lancaster PA on a farm in an AMISH community.  Holly had  had no idea of her Amish background that her mother chose to abandon before she was born.  
Esther is terrified to see her mother  and siblings, although guilt ridden. She begs Holly to accompany her to see her before she dies. BUT, can this trip  heal old wounds and fullfill  secret longings??  Will Esther be forgiven for deserting her faith?  Will the family become whole again?? Will Holly find that for which she has been longing?
You MUST read this book to find out!!

I loved the well described characters. I felt Holly's pain and desires. Her desires , confusion, happiness became part of me.
The plot was well developed. There were many surprises along the way, which kept me reading way beyond bedtime!! I read this book in two days- I HAD to know how all of the challenges were met!!   A great book , with great characters and a great plot!! What more can you ask for??

Well done, Kate! Looking forward to your next Amish book!!
Book was provided by David C. Cook and the author in exchange for a review.

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