Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Amish Series to Love!

Product Details"Her Restless Heart"   
                    By Barbara Cameron

Barbara has again come up with a new winning Amish Series, entitled, "Stitches in Time".  This book immediately appealed to me, a quilter, as the setting of  "Her Restless Heart", Book 1, is an Amish shop that sells quilts, woven crafts, knitting, amongst other Amish made crafts.   The shop is owned by the grandmother , Leah , who has taken her grandaughters under her wing, to help her in the shop, in addition to help them deal with problems in their lives.

The main character, Mary Katherine, is dealing with many challenges. She has had a difficult time at home, with a stern father, who seems to disapprove of all she is interested in and fails to show her any of the love that she desperately desires. Her desire to weave and love of beautiful colors is totally against his idea of a good Amish girl's thoughts and desires. She is still single and has not yet become a member of the church.
Mary Katharine finds herself caught between the traditions of her faith and the pull of the Englisch lifestyle. She is even more confused when her friend, Daniel arrives from Florida, and seems to feel a similar restlessness.  His new life away from Lancaster County seems so appealing.
On the other hand, Jacob, a long time friend, has been in love with her for a very long time. He is terrified that he will lose her to another!!
Which young man will she choose to be with? Will she join the Amish faith and remain loyal to her roots??
Barbara does an excellent job of describing the confusion and the tests that this young woman feels. You feel with the characters, as a young woman's faith is tested. Barbara has once again shown her talent in accurately describing the Amish faith and the need for all of us to experience love. Amish are no different than Englischers in this regard. The romance and the challenges are presented so well. I can hardly wait for Book Two to find out what happens to Mary Katherine. Will it deal with her? Who else from this shop will become involved?

Great book, Barbara!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Am eagerly waiting for the next book!!!

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