Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Thriller - not for the meek!

"Heart of Ice"
By Liz Wiehl, with April Henry

I had very mixed feelings while reading this book.  It certainly fits the category of a thriller and is listed on the cover as "a Triple Threat Novel". It does live up to that description. This novel is very authentic and compelling- both streetwise and sophisticated. I must say, it is extremely fast paced and is so full of twists and turns that it keeps you guessing until the end.
The main character is a twisted killer, although on the outside appears to be a beautiful and a successful businesswoman.  She has the most chilling personality that I have encountered for a very long time- with her desire to kill and want others dead.  I must admit, that this is not my type of book to read. Others, who enjoy descriptive thrillers would love it. I prefer a little less detail , maybe because this book made me feel fear so extreme that the enjoyment of reading lessoned. I am sure that that was the author's intent and she did accomplish that !!

Synopsis:  There are seemingly random crimes occurring.  Theft, fraud, arson, murder!! But it turns out that they are indeed not random acts- they are a well planned game- one which is deadly. All arranged by one woman who is beautiful, clever and lethal.

Elizabeth has a heart of ice, although to look at her, you would never dream it possible.  She is a master manipulator who convinces strangers to do the unthinkable acts. But, she begins to become a bit to secure and gets a little too close to the action.  
When she catches the eye of an FBI agent, after killing a  young reporter, Elizabeth's act begins to fail. Little do the agents know, they are on a first name basis with the  very one committing the crimes!! Are one of them on her list? Will they be the next killed in her game??
Those who LOVE thrillers, would enjoy this book.
The book was provided by Booksneeze in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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